Sustainable Sourcing

We work closely with artisans, designers and cooperatives in order to build sustainable entrepreneurial structures, that can sustain communities. We exchange knowledge, skills and ideas. Together we develop unique, competitive products. By reusing existing resources and combining modern design with local aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship, we create extraordinary items that give our producers a real perspective and the buyer a strong voice against global exploitation structures.

Both manufacturing and sourcing of our products is a mix of innovative ecological solutions and valued handwork. We believe in the concept of a human centered Slow Production and build our strategy on it.
All our products are therefore sourced from producers and cooperatives for whom we provide significantly better wages and working conditions.

In addition, we are permanently improving the organic, recyclable or biodegradable quality of our goods.

Being a start-up focused on sustainability means for us at Social. Urban. Nature, working with innovative materials, questioning traditional ideas and breaking new, socially entrepreneurial ground.