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S.H.A.R.E. stands for SELF HELP, ACTIVATION, RESPONSIBILITY, as well as EMPOWERMENT and describes our social commitment.

We promote individual responsibility for building global peace by acknowledging those people who suffer from systemic poverty, discrimination and displacement caused by violent conflict.

We believe that creating pathways at the grassroots level help individuals build channels to mobilize their future.

Our ambition to help many people to become self-actualized and self-reliant is evident at project sites in the Global South. In countries with emerging economies, undergoing post-conflict reconstruction, as well as in countries still ravaged by conflict.

Current Projects

A new home for internally displaced

In 2014, due to a cruel wave of terror by Boko Haram, we created a safe haven for internally displaced people between the Muslim north and the Christian south of the country. In the meantime, about 2.000 people are living there, both Christian and Muslims, mainly widows, orphans and families who have had a long journey of escape.

The interfaith village has become a model for successful conflict management, as the internally displaced people live peacefully together with the host community and the bordering tribe of Fulani (former herdsmen).

Emergency aid for Boko Haram victims

Maiduguri became the epicentre of the Islamist insurgency a few years ago. The terrible violence has left numerous traces of a humanitarian catastrophe and a region completely destroyed by terror. That is why we work with our partners to multiply trauma therapists and their work with the highly traumatised victims.

Furthermore, acc. to WorldFoodProgram, 8.4 mio people in north-eastern Nigeria suffer from hunger. To counteract this, we have established an interfaith microfinance programme for common food production.

A place where peace is taught

For many years we have been supporting an initiative called PEACE CLUBS in schools. They work on reconciliation, mutual tolerance and peaceful coexistence. The project brings together pupils from different schools and with different religious backgrounds, since violence lurks around every corner in Nigeria.

Children in particular easily fall into the clutches of militant groups due to prevailing poverty and ignorance. For this reason, the clubs work to see through false propaganda and counteract it as early as possible.

Our project partners

Markus Gamache

Founder & Programme Director
GURKU | Nassarawa, Nigeria

Dr. Toma Ragnjiya

Founder & CEO
SPARSI | Maiduguri, Nigeria

Rev. Samuel Goro

Founder & CEO
CEPAN | Jos, Nigeria

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